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Are you ready to reignite your spark?

It’s that time again, time to reignite your spark and unleash your inner awesome with the Catalyst Course!

So what do we mean- reignite your spark? What’s all this about taping into your inner awesome? Well, let me tell you a little more. It’s really all about finding happiness in your life, taking better care of yourself, recalibrating to your new direction and freedom from constant stress.

My friend Jena Coray and I designed this course together, because we were ready to make some changes in our own lives. We wanted a course that was for women who are experiencing transition- women who know they are ready for a little more awesome in their lives. We’ve designed this course to be fun, informative, helpful with a community vibe, so that there’s ample support.

We’re offering tools, tips, systems, advice and support to get you where you’re going. If things are sorta awesome in your world, but you have a feeling they could be a little more awesome, or you’re tired of feeling frustrated by what isn’t working and you’re done with old plans and ready to make some new ones- ones that put you at the center of the action- then this is the course for you!

The Catalyst Course is a 4 week course starting August 13th. We’ve re-vamped and restructured the course to make it even more awesome than before and really all that’s missing from the course is you!

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Have a wonderful week everyone!