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Truthy Tuesday: Becoming Balanced?

{We do this weekly feature over on The Maven Circle called Truthy Tuesday, where we share our real experiences around different topics each week. We’d love to have people post their experiences around those topics on their own blogs too, to encourage more truthiness around blogland and openly talk about some of these things!}

Psst- Jena and I are switching back and forth week to week posting Truthy Tuesdays on the Maven Circle blog and on our personal blogs. Here’s where you can find Jena’s post about balance and mine is below.


Balance- hard to find, easy to lose, and sometimes challenging to know which direction to head in to even begin moving toward. Our society is so fast paced and overly connected that it’s easy to become disconnected from your focus and even from yourself at times.

I’m not going to lie, I’m feeling a bit out of balance at the moment and here’s why:

  • I worked a ton of hours last weekend for World Domination Summit A.K.A. WDS.
  • I’m playing catch up on work that I didn’t get done while I was busy with WDS.
  • I’ve started a walk to run class that is possibly one of the most challenging exercise classes I’ve ever attended.
  • I’m still working on dietary changes to beat my pre-diabetic diagnosis.
  • My house is a mess. It hasn’t properly been cleaned since before WDS, because I’ve been too busy.

It’s funny as I’ve listed all the reasons I feel out of balance at the moment, it helps me see that it’s not actually that bad. I’m a power cleaner.  I can clean in a room in 5-15 minutes (um, no I’m not a perfectionist). I do have work to get caught up on, but I’m busting through it the best I can and I’ll be back on track in the next few days. My whole family is working on the dietary changes, so I have a lot of support there and the running class, well, I’m taking it a day at a time and mostly I’m enjoying it even though the last time I ran was when I was 9 years old or something.

Running is actually making me feel like an absolute badass.  In a million years, one of the last things I ever thought I’d do is become a runner, now, I’m pretty sure I can do anything I set my mind to even if it’s beyond my genetic/predisposed skill set.

This seems to be how it goes in life.  We busy ourselves with things that in the greater scheme of things really matter to us, like running, amazing conferences- things that make our lives better, but we must make short term sacrifices of time and energy to get there. This is why it’s so rare to “FIND BALANCE.” As soon I get my house clean and get caught up on my work there will be another thing that I will put my attention, time, and energy into.  What’s the alternative to never becoming out of balance?  In my opinion this would be absolute routine that never changed, never bringing in new projects and more than likely boredom, which has it’s own set of issues.

Balance is something that we’re always working toward, like happiness.  We find it for a moment and then things change again.  What we need for balance one day might not be what we need on another day. The more we can learn to be patient with ourselves for not having everything perfectly in balance all the time the more we can live a life that is both full of diverse opportunities along with some stable routines.

Here’s a little secret, it’s one way that I manage to maintain so much and not lose my marbles. I have a number of routines that happen daily to keep things rolling even when I’m too busy.  Here are the regulars in my life:

  • My husband and I grocery shop every weekend with my menu planning, grocery list system (more on this soon).
  • I have places in my house where I catch messes: landing strips, organization systems for bills, etc.
  • I always make some time to take care of myself: eating, drinking water, sleeping (I don’t even use an alarm clock most of the time because I wake up and go to sleep at the same time each day) and I exercise regularly.
  • I have trained myself to ignore the mess in my house when I’m too busy. *This is huge for people who work out of their homes. You must either keep a clean house always and make the time to do so, or learn to shut off the need for the clean house.  When I’ve been really busy for a few weeks and then get a day off I’ll spend a day or so relaxing and then all of a sudden I’ll realize that my house is a disaster area! Then I’ll clean it. Cleaning blinders are awesome!

We all have to find what works for ourselves and our families, but once you find a good flow, you can actually get pretty busy and crazy with your schedule and still maintain some sort of balance-ish-ness in your life.  Also, let go of an idealized version of balance where you feel perfectly on top of everything always. Don’t feel bad if you don’t arrive at it like a destination location or a killer vacation spot to live at for the rest of your life.

How about you?  How do you feel about balance?  What are the regular routines in your world?  How do you maintain order in some areas to allow for more movement in other areas?  Please share your thoughts!




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