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Wanna up the awesome in your day to day life?

How are you doing at accessing the awesome in your life? What’s your satisfaction level in life? How’s your inner awesome?

The reason I ask these questions is that my satisfaction level with life used to be fairly low. Most of the things I didn’t like in my life were to do with myself and how I felt I wasn’t fully living up to my own potential. I’ve spent the last few years working on building the life that I want- one that is make me happy. I’m always adding in new little changes to increase my quality of life. Right now, as you may know I’m working on increasing my exercise routine by running. Living a good, happy life is something I think about often. Here are a few thoughts that helped my friend Jena and I come up with the idea for the Catalyst Course, which is a 4 week e-course, starting in a few weeks.

As a culture we’re not really dialed in to taking optimum care of ourselves. Generationally we have often learned thinking patterns and strategies that sabotage the life that we’re hoping to have. Sometimes we get stuck in old thinking that only bums us out or we get stuck in the waiting game- waiting for our life to be perfect before we make a change. We put obstacles in our own way and can become so unaligned with our priorities. It’s time to shed old hamster wheels that are too old and clunky to ride anymore.

As we evolve as humans, becoming more sensitive to our own needs and the needs of others, we begin a transformation of sorts. This is what the Catalyst Course is all about.

It’s about making tweaks and changes to access the most awesome life we can have- changing old outdated thinking patterns, kicking old habits to the curb and starting new ones.  It’s about a group of people who are all working on their future and trying on new ideas to work toward the best lives they can have- with the tools, data, exercises and support to make those goals achievable.

Invest in yourself by registering, participating and finishing this course. You’re inner awesome is begging to come out, so are some old dreams and hopes. Give them a place to land.

If we all took personal responsibility for pursuing our passion and living our best life, imagine the type of world we could live in? We can’t change anyone else, but we can make changes in our own lives.

Join us for the next Catalyst Course and give yourself the best gift you’ve ever received- the best YOU you can be.

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Hope to see you in the Catalyst Course’s online classroom!