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Truthy Tuesday: Changing Your Mind is Just Fine

When we’re young we often think we have all the answers, but as we get older we start to realize, “Oh, maybe I don’t know after all.”

This has been my experience of getting older. At 15 I knew everything, now that I’m 41 I’m not so sure I have as many answers, more questions and thoughts than answers.

As humans, I think it makes us feel really good to believe that we know everything and to attach ourselves to whatever we think we know, but the truth is we’ll never know it all and we kid ourselves when we think differently.

It can be so hard on us when the thing we’ve been banking on turns out not to be the way we thought it was. It can leave us feeling heart broken, but sometimes some things just aren’t going to work out the way we thought they would and we have to change our minds and move on.

Other times, we just decide to change our minds even when the thing is working because we realize it’s just not right for us no matter how awesome it is.

Here are some common reasons for changing our minds:

Things don’t meet our expectations

Sometimes things you expect to be amazing turn out not to be so awesome in practice. The career that seemed perfect until you were doing it and decided you weren’t happy with it. This happened to me, I used to be a social worker and then decided that I couldn’t stand to do the work anymore- I’ve been self-employed ever since.

We outgrow old ideas

Sometimes new evidence and information changes your perspective on a thing or situation. I’ve always loved bread until I found I had Celiac Disease (a gluten intolerance), now, I’m not so excited about bread and feel like giving it up is a small price to pay to feel healthy. When we get new information it can really shift how we feel about various things.

When the world changes we change with it

The world is changing  all the time and as the world changes so do we. I used to hate computers back in the early days. I mean HATE! Question mark equals command what? Before the internet computers were not that fun to me, but nowadays you can be fairly tech savvy without needing to know a bunch of weird html coding. I went from I hate computers –> to spending most of my time on the computer, for me computers might be one of biggest mind changers.

It’s totally OK to change your mind- don’t let your fear of other people judging you prevent you from doing what is right for you.

So you changed your mind, so what?

It’s your life and you can do that- other people make changes all the time. We cannot predict everything we’ll want or need in the future and new experiences open us up to new possibilities.

So go on with your bad self and change your mind if you want to. It’s your prerogative.

How about you? Have you changed your mind recently? How did you feel about it? Sometimes changing your mind is a huge relief and other times it feels scary. How did your experience feel?


{We do this weekly feature over on The Maven Circle called Truthy Tuesday different topics each week. We’d love to have people post their experiences around those topics on their own blogs too, to encourage more truthiness around blogland and openly talk about some of these things!}

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    Another “outgrow old ideas” would be when your previous negative conceptions seem to no longer be true. Occasionally, I will see someone that either directly or indirectly challenges my ideas about who they are (either in particular or more generally). It’s always nice when I see examples that help me let go of negative ideas.

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