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Summer Memories – Great Vacations & Wonderful People

It’s been a summer like no other, filled with laughter, dance parties, making music and generally playing again like I did when I was a kid. 

This summer I took more vacations than I’ve ever had the privilege of enjoying within one summer. It was probably the most relaxing summer I’ve ever had. 

I really enjoy storytelling so I created some multimedia items of my summer of great vacations with wonderful people.

My sister celebrated her 40th birthday this summer, and we went away with some friends to the coast. I made a video with photos and then I loosely narrated the story along with some singing that we did with most of these friends the summer before while camping. I hummed a little birthday song too.

Later in the story I reference an event that happened on the coast with rescue vehicles. We didn’t know what was happening at the time, but later one of our friends looked it up and found this story.

I went away with some very funny ladies and it was pretty much a constant dance party. I set up my tripod and used my remote control on my camera so that we could all be in the shot.


My husband and I recorded a few songs together in the Redwoods. This was the very first time that my husband and I just jammed with instruments together after knowing each other for over 21 years. He played a child-sized guitar that he got at a secondhand store, and I played my tenor ukulele and sang. This song is a bit high for me, but that’s not a good enough reason not to sing a song, in my opinion.

It’s been such a great summer and I’m so grateful for it: for my vacations and especially for all my incredible friends and family.

Hope your summer was great too!