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Why Do We Have Bad Moods?

How do you view a bad mood?

There was a time when I saw myself as a victim of my moods or of whatever I was blaming my mood on. Nowadays I view my mood as a directional sign.

There is innate wisdom in your feelings. The question is, will you listen?

I try to listen to my moods as much as I can. Here’s what I do when I hear what my body is saying.

Bad Mood Remedies


Anxious or Stressed: When I feel anxious or stressed, this is a sign that I need to get up and move. When I’m at my computer and I feel stressed for some reason, I get up and go for a walk. When I return, I almost always feel much better.

If it’s a really bad mood, the best thing I can do while out on a walk is listen to loud music – loud enough that it feels like it’s pumping into my head as I walk fast or run. If I can really wow myself with natural scenery, it’s so calming to my mind. It’s a reminder that whatever I’m feeling or thinking, it’s all so small and I’m part of something much bigger. We all are part of something much bigger, but it’s easy to forget, when you’re stuck in your own head.

Depressed or Blue: When I feel like I’m starting to get down I know my body is lacking something inside. Food is the easiest way to reset my mood. When I feel blue, I go straight for my base foods – the foods that make me feel the best and help me reset my stomach.

These are some examples of base foods and why they are on my list:

  • Green smoothies – This is a great base food. It’s what is referred to as predigested, which sounds gross, but it means your body has to do almost nothing to get the nutrients out of it.
  • Chia anything –  When I feel off, it’s often because I’m dehydrated. Adding chia seeds does wonders for hydration. Try a few chia seeds in water with a splash of lime, or in your green smoothie, or chia pudding. Drinking chia seeds, which hold 7 times their weight in water, is a great way to quickly rehydrate. Chia seeds are also great for cleaning out your insides. They act as a broom and literally sweep away all the bad gunk adding to your bad mood.
  • Bone broth – It’s easy to become deficient in micro-nutrients. Bone broth is a very healing food for the body – it’s full of all kinds of good-for-you nutrients and micro-nutrients. It also is a great reset for the mind. If you are vegetarian or vegan you could do a vegetable broth. The main idea is to keep the food simple and easy to digest.
  • Stay away from harder to digest foods – when I’m feeling down I try not to eat grains, dairy or sugar, because these foods require my body to work harder. Base foods are about fast and easy digestion.

Lack of sleep can affect both depression and anxiety, so if you’re feeling off try taking a nap first and then reach for food or movement to resolve the rest. Creativity is also a great antidote to not feeling awesome. For me, playing my ukulele for even as little as 15 minutes can really turn my mood around.

Our moods are part of our internal compass or navigation app, pulling us away from tasks and daily to-dos and getting us refocused, reminding us of what we need.

As you begin to shift your thinking about what a bad mood is, how to work with it, and what it’s telling you, your bad mood becomes a light in the dark, providing answers from your subconscious.

A bad mood is a reminder of your needs.  It’s a little voice crying for your help, reminding you that there is more going on beyond the things that make you mad, bum you out or stress you. Our moods are the direction back home to ourselves. It hurts so much less when we honor and treat our moods as the marching orders that they are.

But it’s okay to be bummed out if you feel like it’s productive. Some days you NEED to feel just a little sorry for yourself, lie in bed, have too much chocolate, wine and bad T.V. and just say, “Forget it. I’ll try again tomorrow.” It’s when it’s a pattern that it’s a problem.

Sometimes life and our moods are harder. If you’re dealing with a crisis, the mood might stick around a lot longer than you would like. It might take many days, months or even years of treating yourself well to stop feeling your bad mood. I know this from far too much experience with bad moods.

Other times it doesn’t take much – maybe  you’re back to normal again after eating one great meal or having one meaningful, head-clearing walk. I feel better than normal when I’m really paying attention to my needs. It feels really good to take care of yourself emotionally.

I wish I would have known all of this when I was younger. I wish I’d known that the concept of a bad mood is actually a relative thing. This is why I’m sharing this today – in case you didn’t know or in case your forgot.

Your moods are giving you valuable information about what you need. Feel down? Fix your food. Feeling anxious? Move. This is how you really listen to yourself and meet your needs daily. It’s not rocket science, but if no one ever told you or you haven’t had this experience yet, how would you know?

Imagine how different the world would be if we all took this information to heart. If everyone could listen to their bodies and take care of themselves, there would be much less anger and hatred in the world and everyone would feel better.

So how can you change the world one person at a time?

Follow your mood, meet your needs, and change your world.



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  1. Posted May 3, 2014 at 10:47 pm | #

    oh god, I just did the first thing you mentioned. Felt anxious after sitting at the computer for two hours so went out…..but to buy chocolate. Oops! I’m sure this won’t do my anxious feelings any good.
    I like all your tricks to stave off ineffective moods. So hard to sometimes because they have such influence! I won’t buy chocolate next time I’m anxious. :)

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