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Sugar Detox – The Sequel

I’m at it again, detoxing from sugar in all forms: refined sugar, booze, and all foods that quickly convert to sugar. If you remember my sugar detox from last year then you know that I’m a sneaky ninja sugar addict. I don’t eat sugary treats and I don’t crave them, but there are so many other forms of sugar that you can become addicted to.

Why would I do a sugar detox to myself – again, no less? 

I haven’t been feeling well. Over the holidays I indulged in many foods: extra cocktails, mimosas, hazelnut roca, and many other sugary treats. I was gaining weight and feeling really tired all the time. My sleep was terrible. I felt my mood was in the crapper and I had no motivation. Because of all my digestive issues, which are related to my celiac disease, I have to reset my digestive system every so often because everything gets out of whack otherwise.

The last time I did a sugar detox I did it with my nutritional therapist and I ate mostly paleo. The thing I found is that I really don’t love the paleo diet. I do love some of the the grain-free dishes, but I find eating meat and veggies all the time to be just too heavy for my gut and I really don’t enjoy eating lots of meat from a taste or cost perspective either. To me, meat tastes better as something you eat sometimes or in something like a soup, where it isn’t the major part of the meal.

This time I’m trying something different: I’m eating foods that I love and that I can digest more easily. Foods that leave my stomach feeling great after eating. I’ve decided to focus on three major types of dishes: soups (mostly Asian), hearty salads, and smoothies. I’ll be eating some other foods too, but these are my main focus. My goal is to find recipes and foods that I can live with eating on a regular basis.

You see, I’ve realized that my body cannot digest some foods all that well. Dairy is a problem for me, most grains are not that great on my belly, too much meat is unappealing, and then there is all the sugar, which my body doesn’t tolerate well. Ironically, I’m not a refined sugar person. I’m a sneaky ninja in the sugar department. I don’t crave sugar, ever, but I get it in many hidden forms as most Americans do: in corn, gluten-free breads and crackers, and in my drinks.

IMG_0229In the past I’ve posted my weight as part a way of measuring the changes my body is going through, but this time I’ve decided that I’m not really going to focus on weight as a measure. I’m going to talk about my mood and energy as a measure of my health and I’ll post photos so you can visibly see the changes my body is going through.

How did I know my digestive system was struggling?

Outside of the obvious ways – my stomach hasn’t been really happy with me, I’m feeling run down and like I could get sick really easily, etc. – but the main reason I know doing a sugar detox really helps clean things up is that  when I did this detox last year, I ate like a horse the entire time and lost 14 lbs and 7 inches in my waist in 21 days! I wasn’t trying to lose weight or inches. I was trying to clean up my body, and in the process my stomach and my entire body responded by being able to use all the fuel I was putting in, and that feels amazing!

How am I feeling without sugar?

So far, I feel like I’m on cloud nine. I feel faster, I’m clearer headed, I’m sleeping better, I feel stronger, I actually feel smarter and more coordinated. I don’t know if all of this is even true, but feeling it is quite nice. All of the moodiness I was feeling a few weeks ago about the new year – about this year starting and me not having a solid plan for how the year will be for me, because I spent so much of last year recovering from a car accident – all of that negativity is totally gone. It’s replaced with excitement and energy for new projects, which is just what I need right now.

I wrote a series of blog posts last year about my sugar detox. Here is my week one sugar detox from last year. I wrote about why sugar isn’t as great as it seems and the risks associated with a diet high in sugar (unless you drink only water and eat no processed foods and almost no grains or starches, you do not have a low sugar diet; most foods in the grocery store have more sugar than you think).

I’m hoping this year will be easier than my detox last year. I remember one of my blog posts was titled, “I Hate Everything!” which was a real feeling I was feeling last time a few weeks into my detox. You know I’ll be honest and keep it real no matter how I’m feeling.

Stay tuned! There will be more next week!



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