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Sugar Detox – Week Two + Three Great Recipes

My mood has been great during my sugar detox this time. . . I was on a high, up until Friday morning. Then, Boom!

Not so hot.

And, it’s because I’m having huge weight loss results.

I have been keeping track of the number of pounds I’ve lost, but I’ve decided that I don’t really want to play into societal norms and expectations for women anymore than I already have. You know, that messaging we all receive that we need to lose weight, weigh a particular amount and be a particular size to be whatever: beautiful, lovable or good enough. Puke! No thanks.

I think whatever weight you are is fine as long as you feel good and can take care of yourself in your life. The fact is, I wasn’t feeling good before I started my detox. I’ve had a number of belly related symptoms that told me I needed to change my diet pronto! What was my diet before the detox? Well, it was December and I ate and drank all of the foods that were gluten-free. I’m almost positive I have some secondary food sensitivities, and I plan to see a ND in the future to be allergy tested once I’m off the detox. The way the food sensitivities play out, I can become very bloated and have a hard time digesting some food to the point that my digestion and metabolism run very sluggishly.

So today, as I look at this computer screen, how do I feel? Littler. Like I’m shrinking and whenever I start to have that shrinking feeling I feel excited for the change, and also a little scared.

What am I afraid of when I lose weight?

I’m always afraid of losing, period. I’m afraid of losing myself. There is a big feeling of loss for me whenever I lose weight. Most people say they feel elated to lose weight and sometimes I feel that way, but usually I just feel a deep sensation of loss. The loss of who I’ve been for a long time. Loss of patterns with food that comforts me. Loss of foods that I enjoy eating, but that don’t make me feel good and aren’t really going to be part of my life in the future.

The other reason I have a hard time keeping my weight at a consistent number on the scale is that I LOVE FOOD, click this over here now if you are like me! I love to cook foods and I love to make cocktails. I’m very pro food. I truly want to eat all the foods, but my body doesn’t want me to do that anymore. I am learning to live with less food options by making really delicious meals that fit within my food restrictions.

IMG_0304I decided that since I’m not posting my weight, I’ll post photos of me in my jog bra. My waist is the area where I lose the most when I do this detox. So you will be able to see my waist change as my body is better able to digest the foods I’m consuming. (And, I know, I know, I know. I’m absurdly large chested.)

Here are some recipes that I’ve been loving!

I like to spend one day cooking all the meals I can so I don’t have to do as much cooking the rest of the week. The first thing I do is cook up a whole chicken. I remove the meat from the bones (actually, my husband or son does this part; touching meat still freaks me out – signed, A Former Vegetarian) and then we cook the bones with veggies, fish sauce and apple cider vinegar. I put all of this in my crock pot and then fill it to the top with water. Then I use the broth and chicken in my soups.

1. Tom Kha Gai – This is a really yummy Thai soup that my whole family loves. It cooks up fast and it’s really easy to make. I use bone broth that I make myself instead of the suggested low sodium broth in this recipe.

Servings – With this recipe I make a triple batch which is enough to feed a big hungry man and growing boy and me for two days plus leftovers for a small lunch. My family LOVES this, so it’s no problem eating it two days in a row.

2. Pho – We love pho! If you don’t know, it’s a Vietnamese soup that’s pretty simple, but you can add all sorts of things to make it yummier. I’ve made some substitutions with this recipe, like leaving out the sugar (you don’t need it and won’t notice the difference) and using brown rice noodles instead of regular rice noodles. No one in my family noticed, which surprised me because they are very pro white rice. I used my bone broth (here’s another version of my fave bone broth recipe).

Servings – With this recipe my family can eat 3 meals, which is too many times in one week for us to enjoy it. What I usually do is freeze a little of it. We usually eat it for 2 nights and then eat the leftovers when we need a quick meal.

In other words though, by cooking both of these soups you can have up to 5 nights worth of meals for a hungry family of three or a regular family of four, and it’s really low sugar.

3. Grain-free, sugar-free banana bread – OK, it’s not totally sugar-free. There is sugar in the bananas, but other than that it’s sugar free. I love this recipe and I like to add pecans on top. I like to add a little extra cinnamon and vanilla, to up the flavor a bit.

I eat this bread for breakfast, as a snack, or sometimes as a dessert. It’s always delicious.

Servings – I make a double batch when I bake this bread. It lasts us at least a week and sometimes two. I keep it in the fridge and heat it up and then add that Kerrygold Butter. If you haven’t tried this Irish butter from grass-fed cows, you haven’t really lived. It’s the best butter in the world.

I’ve been making and eating smoothies, other tasty baked goods, and a lot more salads. Next week I’ll share some of those recipes too.

I’m half way through my sugar detox. Next week I’ll have plenty more updates and recipes!



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