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Sugar Detox – Week 3 + I’m Stayin’ Alive!

This time last year I decided to get healthier by doing a 21 day sugar detox. This year I decided to up the ante, by doing a four week detox, and I’m planning to make permanent changes to my diet – carrying through many of the recipes and habits I’ve adopted during this sugar detox.

The Good News

I’m almost through my third week of the sugar detox and I think I’m doing pretty well. Physically, I feel amazing – the best I’ve felt in at least a year and maybe even longer than that.

Do you remember me mentioning a car accident I was in last year in June and all of my back and neck pain?

It’s almost gone! I feel so clean and alive inside. I’m not inflamed anymore. There is a calm in my body that I’m not used to feeling.

I don’t feel all that attached to food these days. I mean, I love to eat, but I don’t have blood sugar crashes anymore. I don’t get hangry. I just get cold and think, “Food might taste good.” I am still eating pretty well, because I love to cook and eating is still an enjoyable activity. I think I might be eating less overall, though, because food or no food doesn’t really matter to me right now.

My stomach, which usually feels bloated and tight, feels toned and also relaxed at the same time, which is probably what healthy stomachs feel like all the time, but it’s a feeling I’m still getting used to.

The Bad News

Emotionally, I’m not doing as well. I have been struggling with a huge sense of loss in the last week. I remember hearing Oprah say something about how when you lose weight, you have to feel all of the feelings that you used to stuff away with food. It’s as if the memories and feelings live in the fat cells of the body, and as the fat goes away, the feelings get pushed to the surface.

Turns out I have a lot of feelings about a lot of things. <– understatement of the year

So, I’ve been feeling a lot of old feelings. Hard feelings. Icky, you-don’t-wanna-feel-’em feelings.

It’s weird to feel emotionally embattled with myself while feeling physically more peaceful and calm than I’ve been in a long time, but that is where I’m at.

I’m beginning to have moments of absolute calm emotionally too. When I’m done with battle for the moment, I just feel good: totally present and alive. I think I’m beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Full steam ahead – destination: healthy body.

 IMG_0338This week’s photo. Let’s compare it to last week’s photo.

IMG_0304Last week’s photo

Last week I talked about a few recipes I’ve been enjoying. This week I thought I’d share a few more.

Healthy Drinks

1. Kombucha! I love kombucha. I don’t make my own. I have, but I don’t like my homemade as much as store bought. I get a growler filled up and drink it all week long.

2. Detox water – I’ve been making water with some sliced cucumbers, lemon wedges, a few mint sprigs and grated ginger. It’s so refreshing, sugar free and really gives the water some pizzazz!

3. Club soda with lime – This is a drink I have at the bar when I’m with friends who are drinking. It’s what I call a sugar-free mocktail. You can also add some bitters, which do have alcohol in them, but since you only use a dash or two, the amount of alcohol in a club soda with bitters is about as much as is in kombucha.

4. Water – obviously! I just felt I had to mention the importance of drinking enough water each day.


1. Alkalizing green smoothie

2. Low sugar green smoothie

3. Avocado spinach smoothie

4. Low glycemic green smoothie

Try some of these recipes and let me know what you think. Also, you can find many more recipes on my pinboards on Pinterest.

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I’ve got one more week to go and then I’ll be in a place of diet/lifestyle maintenance. There’s more to come, so keep reading and thanks for taking the time to stay updated on my posts.