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Sugar Detox – Week 4 – Wrappin’ It Up

I’m running behind with this post. I finished my sugar detox last week, but needed a little more time to get the photos together of my body changes. To add some history to this project I also added a photo of myself before I was diagnosed with celiac disease (over 2 years ago) and a photo of me last year after my sugar detox (then I gained weight again) and finally this year’s sugar detox changes.

Hooray! My sugar detox is over. I made it 4 weeks with almost no sugar. It’s really impossible to be totally sugar-free, but with the exception of a little fruit and brown rice – which converts in the body as sugar – I’ve been sugarless and have rocked my sugar detox.

If you missed parts of this sugar detox series, you can find them here: Week 1Week 2, Week 3 and now this week’s post.

I’m a fast machine and I’m keepin’ my motor clean.

1Here are photos of me over the last few years in my jog bra losing
(and then gaining) weight, then losing more weight again.

One thing that starts to happen as you eat less and less sugar is that foods which don’t ordinarily taste sweet to you suddenly become sweet. I’ve been enjoying almond, hemp, and coconut milk lattes; after having no sugar for so long, just the milk itself tastes sweet to me. It’s like I’m having a flavored latte, but really it’s just that my palate is extra sensitive to anything remotely sweet.

How am I feeling at the end of my sugar detox?

Generally good. I still feel much clearer headed than I did before I began the detox and my entire body feels stronger with less aches and pains. I’m feeling my creativity returning more and more each day, which is a sign that I must be feeling much better.

The only thing I’m struggling with is the weight loss itself, not the detox. Some people love to lose weight and feel really accomplished when they are smaller. I am not one of those people. I actually think I might be a little more confident when I’m larger than when I’m smaller. Every time I lose weight I’m struck by an anxious and sort of sad feeling. It’s possible that these are feelings I have always felt, but that in the past, I was more comfortable with my emotions because eating and filling up my body made me feel more satisfied.

Now that I don’t have my crutch – food and drink that might not be good for me, but tastes good – I just have to feel the feelings that exist in me. Sitting with complicated feelings isn’t the most fun thing I’ve ever done. I’m grateful for good friends, exercise, ukulele and my creativity for helping me fill my extra food consumption time.

Right now, I can go from feeling amazing and light to feeling sad and anxious within a short period of time.

I think this is one the biggest myths about weight loss: “You will be so much happier and your life will be perfect if you lose weight.” This isn’t true. You will still have most of the problems you had before, give or take a few – you will just be smaller and if you do your weight loss right, healthier.

Even though I’m not bouncing off the walls with my renewed health, I know this is right for me. I have serious issues with chronic inflammation and I must keep that under control for my health and longevity. I want to maintain as much of a sugar-free lifestyle as I can. I will eat a few more grains (gluten-free of course) here and there. I will have a glass of alcohol. I will have a bite of a sweet thing sometimes, but I’m committed to living a healthier lifestyle, so while this detox is over, my new lifestyle, my weight loss, my health journey is not over. I’ll be busting this move for the rest of my life – anxiety or no anxiety.

What’s next after my sugar detox?

I’m getting allergy testing done in February to specifically determine exactly what I’m sensitive to (besides the gluten intolerance). I will also be learning how to live in a smaller body and getting used to what that feels like and hopefully making peace with my smaller frame.

I was never a health focused person as a younger person. I thought exercise was boring and pointless. I thought extra weight on my frame looked good and I was content to be a bigger gal. That is, until I started having tons of health issues and realized that it was either going to be a lifetime of sickness, medications and hospitalizations or I was going to have to get my healthy shit together. So, I’m getting my healthy shit togetha! I’m committed to continuing this journey and walking in the glow of good health!

How about you?

How committed are you to your own health? (no judgement, simply a question for each of us to ponder).