Happy Holidays!

I had this idea a week or so ago, what if my family and I sat down and recorded a Christmas song for our friends and family this year?  It seemed a little impossible, but it also sounded fun. I asked my husband what he thought.  He’s a computer nerd/closet musician, so I knew that

Ceremony of Self + Other Holiday Gifts

Typically when you think of a ceremony you think of a wedding or other rights of passage.  Simply put, ceremonies are a way to bring people together through a shared experience of ritual. Most rituals are such an integral part of the traditions of our culture and our families that we hardly think about them

Get Busy + Get Proactive

In the last few weeks I’ve been really busy and haven’t always felt like I’ve had enough time to get everything done that I need to, or want to.  Mostly, I’m feeling this way because I am in the midst of sale season.  I have a small business called, Jen & Jocelyn, where I sell a