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Happy Holidays!

I had this idea a week or so ago, what if my family and I sat down and recorded a Christmas song for our friends and family this year?  It seemed a little impossible, but it also sounded fun.

I asked my husband what he thought.  He’s a computer nerd/closet musician, so I knew that this was possible in theory.  He said he thought it was a great idea.  What we ended up doing was using some karaoke tracks for the music, recorded each of us singing the song, then my husband mixed the tracks.  My son is learning the trumpet and decided he wanted to play a little riff for the song, which his dad helped him learn.

The coolest part for me was watching our son’s eyes light up as he learned how to mix music.  I watched him watching his father with such excitement as he saw the song unfolding and learned structurally how to record music.  Whenever we asked his opinion on any part of the song he said, “I LOVE IT!”  His enthusiasm was absolutely adorable.  It was everything I could do to keep from sobbing.  I feel so blessed to have a creative family.  Being able to give our son such a hands-on music experience and recording lesson was wonderful.  It does my heart good to give my son experiences that I would have killed for as a child.  I’m thrilled that he will have the lesson of recording music and the memory of our time making this to take with him for the rest of his life.

What you’re about to watch is probably just a funny little holiday video, but for me it’s one of the best holiday moments of my life and I’m pretty sure it’s that for my boys too.  No kidding.

Hope you like it too!