Healthy Changes and Self-Talk

If you haven’t heard us talking about it, my friend Jena and I are working on an e-course called The Catalyst Course. Here’s a quick review: We all have a flame burning within us, ignited by passion, talent, skill or an intense curiosity in something. It’s that little place deep inside of you that lights

Competition: Friend or Foe

Competition is a tricky subject. In researching this topic I found so much data on the benefits of competition and about the toxicity that can come into play when competition goes too far.  Competition has both good and bad aspects, depending on the situation and the people involved in the dance of competitiveness. Wikipedia defines

The Resistance

“What is happiness?  The feeling that power increases – that resistance is being overcome.”  ~Friedrich Nietzche We all have it from time to time, the need to resist what “is.”  Some of us have more resistance than others. We can often have resistance in some areas and not others.  Resistance is very often coming from

Reignite your spark with The Catalyst Course

This is a familiar story and you know the drill, we all get so caught up in punching the clock, taking care of loved ones and making sure that we’ve crossed everything off of our to do list that in the process we can really lose track of our own happiness.  Happiness and understanding are