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Reignite your spark with The Catalyst Course

This is a familiar story and you know the drill, we all get so caught up in punching the clock, taking care of loved ones and making sure that we’ve crossed everything off of our to do list that in the process we can really lose track of our own happiness.  Happiness and understanding are two important things to remember to give to yourself, but so many of us forget this.

There are a variety of reasons that people struggle with getting at their best and more awesome selves.  I know I’ve struggled at times over the years.  It takes time to get to know yourself and then as soon as you think you have yourself figured out, then you change.  You realize the things you’ve been striving for aren’t totally what you are looking for anymore. Or maybe you love your life, but you realize that  you never put yourself on your to do list in the first place and aren’t totally sure how to begin.

Change is good if you are paying attention to your needs and desires.  If you’re willing to keep your mind nimble to possibilities, change can be an improvement on what you’ve already done, because you can custom design the life you’re wanting.  In the real world though, most of us feel all too often that we are unprepared for the changes that are happening around us, or aren’t sure where to begin with changes we want to make.

This is the reason that my colleague, Jena Coray and I have developed this e-course called, The Catalyst Course.  We believe that with the right support everyone is capable of pursuing their dreams.  We want to support you with exercises, strategies and tools that we’ve use to stay inspired and motivated in the pursuit of our own dreams. This course will cover realistic and practical ideas for getting closer to your dreams, taking better care of yourself and reigniting your spark!

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