2012 Mission: Authentic Happiness

This time of year many of us are making New Year’s resolutions which can feel really fun at first.  Some goals are easier to achieve, but some goals really require making changes that can be challenging.  Our optimism for the new year can quickly become squelched by our inability to keep up with all of

Happy Holidays!

I had this idea a week or so ago, what if my family and I sat down and recorded a Christmas song for our friends and family this year?  It seemed a little impossible, but it also sounded fun. I asked my husband what he thought.  He’s a computer nerd/closet musician, so I knew that

Ceremony of Self + Other Holiday Gifts

Typically when you think of a ceremony you think of a wedding or other rights of passage.  Simply put, ceremonies are a way to bring people together through a shared experience of ritual. Most rituals are such an integral part of the traditions of our culture and our families that we hardly think about them

Get Busy + Get Proactive

In the last few weeks I’ve been really busy and haven’t always felt like I’ve had enough time to get everything done that I need to, or want to.  Mostly, I’m feeling this way because I am in the midst of sale season.  I have a small business called, Jen & Jocelyn, where I sell a

Attitude of Gratitude

Humans are funny.  We tend to focus on what hasn’t happened, what didn’t meet our expectations, and other disappointments rather than noticing all that we’ve received. When I was younger I can remember many occasions in which I would become upset and totally focus on what didn’t work for me, rather than finding the good

Your Sweet Spot

“Productivity is never an accident.  It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.” ~ Paul J. Meyer When I worked a 9-5 job I noticed that my mind was clearest in the early part of the day. By the afternoon I would begin to feel my energy fade.

Checking in with yourself

In the early years of my business, when I was first making hats, reconstructed sweaters, scarves and more, I would work crazy long hours.  I might crochet for 12 hours a day, or sew for 8 hours at a stretch.  The next day I’d be broken down—sore shoulders, pain in my hands, basically unable to

Grasping the Good – Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries is hard, especially if you’re a helpful person like me, but it is one most necessary aspects of managing your life effectively and reducing your stress. I wasn’t raised with a model for how to set boundaries. I was encouraged to be helpful, and so that’s what I did, for most of my

The Morning Routine

What are your mornings like?  Are they calm or chaos?  Do you wake up excited to start your day, or do you wake up feeling overwhelmed?  I know I used to.  How you begin your day really sets the tone for your day.  If you start your day in a rush you’ll spend all day

The Maven Circle

The fantasy of working for yourself is much different than the reality.  When most people start a business it looks something like that of someone who’s newly in love.   You believe that anything is possible and see all that you can gain from it or give to it and then (bum, bum, bum) you realize

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