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Yarn Bombing!

(repost from my former blog DIY Lounge)

Did you know that June 11th, 2011 was International Yarn Bombing Day?  Well it was. For anyone who doesn’t know what  yarn bombing is, it’s basically attaching knitted or crocheted pieces to outdoor items: trees, signs, bike racks, etc. People tend to  think of it as art and/or graffiti.  I decided to bring along my camera and photograph the “bombing.”

Yarn bombed: street sign

I organized my own yarn bombing posse.   The whole thing came together super last minute, so even though I had invited a lot of people only a few were able to attend so last minute.  Also, there was one minor detail that I got wrong with the yarn bombing; the date.  I had read somewhere about International Yarn Bombing Day online and it had said it was the 18th, but when I went to look  more information after the “bombing” I realized we’d bombed a week late.  We decided we didn’t care and the fact that we did it was pretty cool.  Here are some more photos of our yarn bombing.

Yarn Bombed:  street sign.  Is it just me or is this sign kinda sexy?

It was raining when she showed up to start the yarn bombing, but it stopped raining soon after.  We had such a great time!

Yarn bombed: a series of yarn bombed trees

We’re planning to do another yarn bombing next year and are making pieces especially for the event.

Yarn bombed: knitted patchwork

Yarnia donated small swatches of yarn to the yarn bombing.  I put them together and made the piece above.

Yarn bombed: branchy tree

Yarn bombed: Caught in the act.

Yarn bombed: still caught, but no one cares.

Yarn bombed: finished product.

Yarn bombed: fire hydrant and street sign.

If you’d like to see these yarn bombs for yourself and you’re local to Portland, Oregon you can check them out at Tanner Springs Park.

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