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Beginner’s Luck at Bingo

A few weeks ago my friend Cathy had a birthday party at the Eagles Lodge on bingo night.  I don’t think I’ve ever played Bingo before or if I have, I haven’t played for money. This was high stakes to me and for some reason I even felt nervous. Why?  Not sure, but I did.

I went with my friend Maria, who’s a seasoned bingo-er.  She played bingo with her Grandma as a girl and she helped me quite a bit. I could barely keep up with all the numbers, cards, etc. because I was distracted by my camera and my cocktail. It was such a scene with all the silver haired ladies and gents, juxtaposed with a table of cool kids and everyone in rows staring at vintage-cool bingo cards.

Maria discovered I’d won a round, otherwise I never would have even known.  Some rounds they gave away money, which Cathy and her bff Torie won some of the green that night.  Maria and I won food, which was hilarious.

I won orange pound cake and ice cream.  Maria won a pancake breakfast – including a dozen eggs. Not sure why she looks so ambivalent in this shot because the truth is she was thrilled.

We had so much fun giggling, drinking and playing bingo with all of the awesome older folks in attendance that night.  Reminds me that I enjoy being a beginner sometimes and will take more steps to continue with new beginnings and  beginner-dom.  We’ve been talkin’ bout stress and frustration often associated with being a beginner all week over at The Maven Circle.  Go on over there and take a peak if you have a chance.

What about you? Have you had any recent, awesome beginnings? I’d love to hear about your experiences with being a beginner.